A few days after famiglia di Schiavo landed in Sicily, I sent out a prayer request to several dear friends. This wasn’t exactly fair of me; I bribed a few friends saying, just because I asked they’d immediately be removed from my general prayers and be put on the VIP prayer list in return.

Mine is an odd personal method of praying. Pushing my prayer pause button (tucked away in the psyche) meanwhile ramping up intention for someone else’s prayer seems to fast track answers to my own personal prayer on hold. When this meditation is effective it’s far more satisfying, for instance, than paying for the person behind me at a cafe, however, that’s merely my opinion.

Before I continue, if you’re reading this: Ann, Banger, Cairo, Charley, Cheryl, Chevas, Chrissy, Doris, Francesco, Kristan, Mary Lou, Nicole, Rosalia and Salvatore, I’m overwhelmed, honored and blessed to realize you took extra moments to think of me in such a profound manner. In case you’ve wondered, I did, in actual fact, create a VIP list, you’re each on board. I’d also report my prayers occur in very unorthodox, yet stunning locations. This morning, amid the crystal clear Tyrrhenian Sea, swimming observing an unbelievable active underwater marine scape through my goggles — I even held a baby starfish.

Of those unfeigned prayers I received, there’s one I’d hope some reading here might save to cut, copy and paste for someone who you believe might benefit a tender nudge in a rather soothing direction, or possibly on hand for yourself, if a delicate day arrives.

Dear God,

Please watch over and care beyond measure for Jehr and his family. I know You are already at work by assisting with your kind earth angels, but help move mountains, keep health well and calm the seas with whatever he is needing aid with.

Thank you,



I’m truly grateful for Sara’s angelic prayer; her friendship feels genuine beyond question.


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