Sicily comes into view southwest of Italy, northeast of Tunisia, smack dab amid the Mediterranean Sea.

Most Sicilian occurrences are untamed and pronounced, more so than Italy (if one could believe that’s possible).

There’s an imposing mountain outside our window, its jagged peak often looks shrouded by cloud cover; the opposite windows face the adjacent Mediterranean Sea — essentially we’re sandwiched essentially between two powerful energy sources.

Splotches of terracotta dust appeared outside following a recent downpour in Castellammare del Golfo. The town’s alabaster marble sidewalk slabs became evanescent Jackson Pollock pieces. Relentless Sirocco winds blew north over the Mediterranean Sea transferring rich African topsoil mixed with precipitation.

LouLou, our fourteen-year-old daughter, had this to offer, “Even the rain here has culture.” I believe she’s spot on.

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