LouLou’s tour at the iSchool in SoHo was as famiglia di Schiavo expected — significantly progressive, more so than any other high school we are aware of. Ten years ago, one of my New York patrons, an iSchool founding member, approached New York’s Board of Education with her unique proposal expressing time was ripe for alternative curriculum in the 21st century. The iSchool is not focused on memorization and standardized testing, students instead form pods, studying collaboratively through critical thinking.

After checking out of Sixty LES, we dropped in on Kossar’s for bagels with schmears, then Yonah Shimmel’s perfect potato knishes, afterward ubered onto JFK to catch our Milan bound Delta flight. An hour before departing the Delta gate agent began to announce our plane was overbooked, adding anyone willing to give up their seat could receive $500. Jeanette swiftly put our names on his list presuming together we’d receive a combined $1500 in Delta credit. To our shock, his offer grew much steeper the closer it came to our 6:25 pm departure — like six times higher. Delta’s compensation was any choice of several different credit types — we chose nine American Express gift cards.

Checked out of the JFK Hilton next morning — returned to terminal 4 — different gate — same departing time, took off without incident — followed by an overnight at Malpensa’s Sheraton. The next morning left dreary Milan for sunny Sicily. Palermo didn’t pan out as we planned I’ll opt the high road — “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Waiting until the wind stops howling is crucial before an actual landing, especially for global bedouins. Our nine month Sicilian life turned into a frenzied nine day mindf$$k.

To be continued….

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