Our bedouin swan song before LouLou starts high school next year wasn’t gelling very well in Saphan Khwai, Carrizalillo nor South Beach. Seemingly out of nowhere I asked Jeanette to check Palermo of all places; within seconds Airbnb magically brought before our eyes an array of sweet and affordable apartments near the city center Ballarò market.1508549338802154589829.jpgAbout an hour or two later, Jeanette screamed, “Oh my God.”

By her frantic tone, I was positive someone we knew had met their tragic demise.

“What happened Jeanette?”

“Guess who’s hosting that apartment I emailed in Palermo?”


“You’re never gonna believe it!”


“Mario’s daughter, Alessandra; she immediately recognized our Airbnb avatar, saying she’d love for us to stay there!”

Summers ago before Facebook was commonplace, Mario and famiglia di Schiavo met in Castellammare del Golfo; we instantly became human magnets. He was taking some vacation time for himself, forty-five minutes from his family home in Carini, on the outskirts of Palermo. A week into Mario’s semi-private hideaway, Alessandra drove over to see him on her birthday; he prepared an exquisite lunch, I found the perfect gelato torte and accompanied candles, minutes thereafter, sang her buon compleanno — well the rest is as they say history.

Logistically it doesn’t make a great deal of sense for Jeanette and LouLou to accompany me every eight weeks traveling from Italy if not absolutely necessary. Therefore, this coming January I’ll be joining the big boys club, working like any other husband and father does, without spouse and child. The average work commute in the United States is about ninety minutes each day, thirty hours monthly, sixty over two months. I’m optimistic justifying these upcoming thirteen thousand mile roundtrips by telling myself it’s only thirty hours over two months, half the time most Americans experience in that same period — thanks to Malpensa’s Moxy Hotel, easyJet, Ryanair, Alitalia, Air France, Delta, Swissair, Southwest Airlines and Uber.

It’s official amici, I wanted you to be the first to know; our nine month Elective Residence Visas were given the stamp of approval by Rome’s consulate this past week. Between winding down this LA pop-up space, LouLou’s woodland fairy Halloween plans, and visiting patrons in San Francisco, alongside New York early November, I’m quite certain this blog won’t reappear again until sometime shortly after the clocks once again revert to standard time.

Anybody coming our way? — we know people.


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