A few weeks ago Jeanette received another invitation for famiglia di Schiavo’s long awaited visit to Ruby and Dylan’s farm in Covelo. Awhile back a naturalist posse formed their tight-knit clan four hours north of San Francisco in Mendocino County. It’s been several years now since Ruby began frequenting Hotel Kabuki for her Jehrcuts. Gradually a group of her goddess friends also took the plunge. More often than not, before or after their Jehrcuts, Ruby and entourage enjoyed favorite eateries around town, Mission Chinese being one.

Whether February snowflakes dusted Ruby and Dylan’s property or genuine farm to table feasts posted on Facebook, what enticed us to accept Ruby’s latest invitation were photos of the Covelo gang having a blast floating, swimming, and diving off boulders into an unspoiled Eel River.

True-Grit-Bagbys-General-Store (1)

Ruby is a renaissance gal. Aside from tending their idyllic fruit trees, vegetable garden, pigs, and constructing artful dwellings on site, she’s also a culinary educator in preparation, cooking, alongside food preservation. Ruby has no idea what I’m about to say, but I’m hot for her highly sought after herbal body wrap; another skill she’s mastered using a line of beauty, health and wellness products called, It Works. Call mine an unwanted spare tire — my excuse is not hitting the pool, doing laps thirty minutes a day since May. In any case, my blubber should be reduced by a significant degree following Ruby’s It Works treatment.

Yesterday Jeanette emailed Ruby on my behalf asking if there were any six-shooters around; whereby I might take a crack at a few True Grit moves. Ruby’s response was warm, yet an adamant, “no” adding, “Jessy Jane has horses if anyone wants to ride, alongside several bucking bulls nearby.”

One other significant tidbit that Ruby and Dylan are currently unaware of: we’re inviting ourselves back (Spring, 2018) to celebrate Jeanette’s birthday on April 29, followed by the Covelo bi-annual Jehrcut rendezvous, April 30 and May 1. We’re just making ourselves at home ahead of this September 11-14 Covelo pow wow; I reckon that’s how Ruby and Dylan prefer things.

truegrit1 (1)

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