Few comfort foods remain consistently perfect over time, specifically quick bites on the go. Before Extra began filming at Universal Studios, they used The Grove’s synchronized water fountains as a clever backdrop; consequently just about every TV junkie knows about The Grove on LA’s Fairfax Avenue. Mario Lopez could’ve, but I’ll wager never featured a Hollywood Golden Age gem in Farmer’s Market facing CBS Television City. A hodgepodge food court comprised of independent vendors, typically swamped, although practically deserted when we get there shortly after daybreak.

Some officers in blue snack on doughnuts at all hours, famiglia di Schiavo prefer ours as a special indulgence for breakfast. We tried Randy’s near LAX, an iconic eyesore, with its 32 foot stucco doughnut on their roof. Too oily in my opinion; we haven’t been back and have no future plans to do so.

Crumb doughnuts most anywhere are crumb doughnuts. Crumb doughnuts at Bob’s in Farmer’s Market near Mario’s old stomping grounds are incredible, devouring nirvana. One nibble produces a gentle cascade onto the napkin below; chewing instantly shifts into slower motion to savor each fluffy bite. When finishing my crumb doughnut, I’ll stare at the torn Bob’s bag in front of me trying to decide which should be next. Bob’s powdered jelly doughnuts are the best I’ve ever had, along with their lemon filled and buttermilk glazed. I’ll tend to choose from their vanilla cake assortment; maple frosted and chocolate frosted devil’s food round out the crumb choice nicely.

Haven’t had a cup of coffee in five years, when I did drink it, my preference was rocket fuel. I’d park illegally in front of King’s Road Cafe on Beverly Boulevard, grabbing a double cappuccino before hitting Bob’s. Quite frankly, between the King’s Road caffeine and Bob’s sugar, I vibrated until noon. I didn’t realize eating doughnuts could come without unpleasant side effects by eliminating coffee.

Most trips back to our car in Farmer’s Market come with distraction by an inner voice who has zero self-control. “You don’t have to wait until next time, go back, what can another little doughnut hurt? Yeah, you’re absolutely right, an apple fritter is overkill. Of course, their old-fashioned doughnuts are totally sublime, but so is the classic Long John” “ No way, forget it, three’s plenty; we’re saving room for pastrami, coleslaw, Russian dressing on corn rye, house-made pickles, matzo ball soup, alongside bagels and lox at Canter’s on Fairfax — lunch is only five hours away.”


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