Celebrated Hairstylist Jehr Schiavo Publishes Controversial Book


A nonfiction beauty, health, and awareness manifesto, Mr. Haute Coiffure pierces the underbelly of a beauty industry unchecked, and denounces associated corporate overlords.

Jehr Schiavo, a celebrated nonconformist-hairstylist-raconteur, began his revolutionary ride four decades ago in San Francisco styling punk rock’s aristocracy for stage, print, music videos, film, television, and runway. He and his work have been recognized in such publications as Allure, Details, Elle, The New York Times, and Vogue Italia.

Schiavo’s acerbic wit and memorable turns of phrase carry Mr. Haute Coiffure’s readers through a series of vignettes which challenge the hypocrisy and excesses of the international beauty-industrial complex. Schiavo, writing under the nom de plume Gerard Saint D’Angelo, proposes a radical shift to the current state of affairs, in which women (and men) are force-fed powerful messages by society and media to turn themselves into unattainable images, their insecurity the fuel which powers the capitalist machine.

Schiavo is an artist with hair as his medium and his patrons’ life stories as his muse; with only his shears, comb, and water he creates hairstyles which allow his patrons to express their inner beauty.

The enigmatic Schiavo says, “Structured walls are outside the domain of Mr. Haute Coiffure’s satisfaction; I despised an industry riddled with greed, displaying petty integrity, if any at all. My publication urges idiosyncratic modifications that may indeed provide indelible inner beauty.”

Schiavo eliminated toxic chemicals in his atelier salons, shunned ordinary styling potions, invalidated typical heat tools — blow dryer, curling and flat irons — deconstructed predecessor Vidal Sassoon’s harsh geometric edges, and banished the archaic notion that any salon should require mirrored reflection before clients — alternatively permitting open space for vibrant contemporary art exhibitions. Presently, he continues writing while traveling between delivering chic, effortless, healthy, sustainable Jehrcuts to select patrons who commission him in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Available now!


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